Creative Equity

April 04, 2015

I had done this interview recently on CREATIVE TREK with Sean O'Daniels where I talk about creative equity and my thoughts on achieving creative independence. This is something I've been working toward for a very long time and finally achieved. Once you achieve that the trick is to sustain it. I like this interview because I talk a lot about failure...the best thing that will ever happen to you if you are an artist.       Continue Reading →

Pigs are flying!

March 04, 2015

The entirely new re-mastered edition of OINK being published by Dark Horse Comics this month and is flying to stores shortly. I wanted to take this opportunity to explain the deeper meaning of the book. OINK has hung around somehow for 20 years, people have sought me out and remember the book fondly. When people contact me and express that the book was important to them it always surprises me. The reasons for that is the story was deeply personal for me, so I didn't really get how it could relate to someone else in that kind of way…but it has. I think there is an honesty in the book that is hard to come by in entertainment these days. In 1992... Continue Reading →