May 17, 2014

BIG PIG INK, LLC was founded in 2014 by John & Heather Mueller. 

We created BIG PIG INK with the belief that people of all walks of life are at their best when they are truly independent. This means we steer the ship of our own little empire (be it ever so humble). Our goals are simple to build a sustainable business making the art and products that we love and want to share with the world.

John Mueller is an illustrator and  game developer he is the creator of OINK and the video game BEDLAM (both shipping in 2015). OINK is John's creator owned series of graphic novels released in the 90's, now once again in early 2015 OINK will be on book shelves with a completely new vision of the story that put him on the map. This new edition  brings all of Mueller's experience to bear on a 120pg TPB and Hardcover. John spent 5 years working on this new edition which he describes as 'The most Epic thing I've ever done." He was a pioneer in the field of digital art, and has worked with some of the biggest studios in game development. He likes making cool stuff and plans to do that until his hands and his brain are no longer responsive.

Heather Mueller keeps the lights running at BPI. She is the heart of the operation and makes sure every package gets to you in a timely fashion. Prior to her role as General Manager at BPI Heather worked for Johnson & Johnson for 14 years where she helped manage studies for the FDA in clinical research. She is one of the most organized and lovely people planet Earth has ever known.




A New Beginning

I am so excited to launch this new store! These pages from Blood & Circus have been in my archive for nearly 20 years, this is the ONLY time I've ever sold pages from this series or probably ever will. I am working on some really exciting things and in order to finance these things I'm cashing in the biggest chip I had which was nearly 100 paintings that a lot of people have never seen. The book Blood & Circus was launching amidst the publisher Kitchen Sink Press closing their doors. I think only about 20,000 issues went into the wild, it's sort of a lost novel, and it was never collected into a TPB, which I will resolve soon!

I truly appreciate all the fans that have touched base with me over the years to show their support, my career has really been challenging at times but I'm trying to get back on the path. If you ever wanted to own a painting of mine there is no better time than this. I am putting my very best works on this site, and I will only sell as many as I need to before I pull the plug. I don't know if I'll ever do another painted novel like this again, but I know people will be excited when they see what's coming next. Thank you for your support, you are truly patrons of the arts.


John Mueller

Austin, TX


We are going back to the Slaughterhouse in February 2015!