January 29, 2015

BIG PIG INK, LLC was founded in 2014 by John & Heather Mueller. 

We created BIG PIG INK with the belief that people of all walks of life are at their best when they are truly independent. This means we steer the ship of our own little empire (be it ever so humble). Our goals are simple to build a sustainable business making the art and products that we love and want to share with the world.

John Mueller is an illustrator and  game developer he is the creator of OINK and the video game BEDLAM (both shipping in 2015). OINK is John's creator owned series of graphic novels released in the 90's, now once again in early 2015 OINK will be on book shelves with a completely new vision of the story that put him on the map. This new edition  brings all of Mueller's experience to bear on a 120pg TPB and Hardcover. John spent 5 years working on this new edition which he describes as 'The most Epic thing I've ever done." He was a pioneer in the field of digital art, and has worked with some of the biggest studios in game development. He likes making cool stuff and plans to do that until his hands and his brain are no longer responsive.

Heather Mueller keeps the lights running at BPI. She is the heart of the operation and makes sure every package gets to you in a timely fashion. Prior to her role as General Manager at BPI Heather worked for Johnson & Johnson for 14 years where she helped manage studies for the FDA in clinical research. She is one of the most organized and lovely people planet Earth has ever known.




OINK from 1990-2015

When I started this project I originally called it 'The Digitally Remastered' edition, but after 5 years and repainting the entire book I now just think of this as what I actually intended to make if I could have 20 years ago. I started working professionally at 21 and this was a college project that lead to an actual publishing deal with Kitchen Sink Press. It was a great run, but sadly KSP ran out of gas in 1998.  When your publisher goes out of business and your book goes out of print, it’s a bad feeling. I think at 28 I felt defeated, It was a tough time in comics in 1998 and a lot of creators like me were just squeezed out financially. I didn't really have a dance partner after KSP so I left the comics industry, but I think I knew someday I would be back. That was 17 years ago...which reminds of the saying 'Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.'

 I think it was around 2008 I wanted to get OINK back into print, but I couldn't get interest in just a ‘reprint’ because OINK, while successful was not a huge hit. It was just some relic from the past with a new cover, which I understood from a business perspective, that’s when I came up with the idea that  I could ‘update’ it. The image below was the very first page I did…I liked the experience. It was exciting taking my old work and redoing it with 20 years of experience making images. I was very meticulous about retaining as much of the original as I could. Working digitally was an obvious choice for me because I had spent so many years painting digitally. What started as an 'update' turned into a five year project and me completely remaking every page. It's been a ride I hope you enjoy it!


If you are new to OINK he’s been on a 20 year journey to your doorstep. Thank you for supporting creator-owned comics, it's an endangered medium please help keep it alive. There are many projects like OINK that will never happen without your support, seek them out and you will not be disappointed. You will not just be a consumer you will be a patron of the arts. I am so thankful to the people who gave me those words of encouragement and kept me going when I was lost in the dark, thank you for the spark that started this fire.

Below are some of my before and afters from OINK. It is also worth mentioning I've added about a dozen or so new story pages, like when OINK was a piglet. I think they give the story new life and depth.

I wanted this to feel like a European painting depicting a religious moment of sacrifice.

Every page in the book has been completely re-made. The panel layouts and flow are completely different thanks to my curled and well worn copy of Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics. I learned so much during this project and I can't wait to apply that to future projects. 

Keep supporting independent books! You can click the link above to get your copy!


John Mueller

Austin, TX