February 27, 2015

BIG PIG INK, LLC was founded in 2014 by John & Heather Mueller. 

We created BIG PIG INK with the belief that people of all walks of life are at their best when they are truly independent. This means we steer the ship of our own little empire (be it ever so humble). Our goals are simple to build a sustainable business making the art and products that we love and want to share with the world.

John Mueller is an illustrator and  game developer he is the creator of OINK and the video game BEDLAM (both shipping in 2015). OINK is John's creator owned series of graphic novels released in the 90's, now once again in early 2015 OINK will be on book shelves with a completely new vision of the story that put him on the map. This new edition  brings all of Mueller's experience to bear on a 120pg TPB and Hardcover. John spent 5 years working on this new edition which he describes as 'The most Epic thing I've ever done." He was a pioneer in the field of digital art, and has worked with some of the biggest studios in game development. He likes making cool stuff and plans to do that until his hands and his brain are no longer responsive.

Heather Mueller keeps the lights running at BPI. She is the heart of the operation and makes sure every package gets to you in a timely fashion. Prior to her role as General Manager at BPI Heather worked for Johnson & Johnson for 14 years where she helped manage studies for the FDA in clinical research. She is one of the most organized and lovely people planet Earth has ever known.




My Photoshop brushes

Hey all, I wanted to share my Photoshop brushes because I get a lot of questions about 'what  Photoshop brushes do I use'? I did not create these brushes it's a collection I've assembled over the years so I'm giving them away for free. My approach to brushes is to keep your palette small so that you can learn to use the tool to the best of it's ability. Some people collect brushes and they have these giant palettes of tools they may have only used once or twice. My philosophy is the same rules of traditional painting apply to the digital world, half the battle of making good art is knowing your tools! The more you use a tool the more you realize what you can do with it. I have a limited set of brushes because if I  haven't used a brush in six months I delete it. So this set has been culled from hundreds of brushes that you can find on the internet.

90% of my painting is done with the first two brushes in the set! The rest I use for effect and texture. I have some tutorials in my shop if you want a deeper dive on these brushes. 

When I first started painting my teachers only gave me three colors to paint with. The reason for this is the more colors you add the more complex you make the problems. The same is true for brushes, limit yourself to three brushes for your first paintings or even as an exercise if you are more accustomed to working digitally. The point of the exercise is to really spend more time with a few specific tools. You could do this as a regular exercise, pick three brushes and create an image using JUST those three brushes. If you do this regularly you will learn how to use your tools and it will make you a better digital artist...guaranteed!

Check my shop to download my free brushes

John Mueller