Digital Artistry 101

** UPDATE I've added my preset to my brushes so when you working along with the video BOTH of my main brushes are now located in the upper left corner of the palette menu to make it easier. I've named one Shaping and the other Blocking.

Running time: 2:35 

Award winning author, illustrator, and instructor John Mueller does a deep dive on the fundamentals you need to kick-start your digital learning. This 2:30 no-nonsense instructional video is geared to help young artists learn the fundamentals of digital illustration. 

The goal of the 101 series is to give the aspiring digital artist the fundamental tools, that will get them off and learning on the right track. I wanted to produce a tutorial that really catered to the artist who is trying to get a foothold in the world of digital illustration. I've worked digitally at a professional level for 20 years, painting digitally is actually really much easier than physical media. My process reflects an underlying philosophy of keeping it simple to get consistent results that will improve as you regularly practice these concepts.

John breaks his process down into easy to follow steps entirely through his sample painting of 'The Knight'. This painting is worked up from start to finish completely without edits and you see every step of his process.


Photoshop (CC 2014 recommended)

Wacom tablet or similar input device

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